7 Obnoxious Things People Believe About Photographers

See on Scoop.itThe World of HDR Photography

Although not about HDR I thought this was worth having a look at, especially the video at the end…

See on www.lightstalking.com

4 thoughts on “7 Obnoxious Things People Believe About Photographers

  1. Thank you for posting this article. It was very informative. I take photos as a hobby but I try hard to do it right. I have learned a lot from fellow bloggers like yourself. I cannot compare with any of you. Sill learning and grateful to you and others.



  2. It’s only by learning from other photographers, and practising the techniques I have learnt, have I been able to achieve the standard I have reached today. But I’m still learning from other great photographers….


  3. I wonder why your website has this disclaimer:
    “Any unauthorised use of my images will constitute an infringement of my copyright which is protected under UK Copyright Law. I take the theft of my original work very seriously and I will sue for compensation if I find any image is being used without my permission.”

    And yet you have a “follow me on Pinterest” button – Pinterest being the biggest snakepit of image copyright infringement on the internet? I’m not saying that you are infringing on copyright with your Pinterest account, but why encourage a site that encourages copyright infringement?


    1. Well Luc, I had my worries about Pinterest but since Flickr partnered with them to make attribution easier I have become a little less concerned, and, although I have an account it’s not something I use a great deal. However, I am willing to do more research on the copyright issue and if I think that Pinterest is infringing copyright I would close my account. Perhaps you could cite some examples of where copyright has been infringed?


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