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Bridgewater Place, nicknamed The Dalek, is an office and residential skyscraper development in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is the tallest building in Yorkshire, and has held this record since being topped out in September 2005. It is visible at up to 25 miles (40 km) from certain areas.

It was first announced in 2000 and, following several redesigns and delays with the construction process, construction of the building began in 2004 and was completed in 2007. It became the tallest building in Leeds, by a significant margin, and Yorkshire (although this does not take into account structures such as Emley Moor). Bridgewater Place has a height of 112 metres (367 ft) to roof level. Originally the tower was to have a spire which would have extended the height of the building to 137 metres (449 ft), however this was never built.

Bridgewater Place has 32 storeys, of which two are used for car parking, ten for offices and twenty for residential purposes. There is 40,000 square metres / 430,560 square feet of floor space in the building with 200 flats and 400 underground car parking spaces serving both the residential and commercial areas of the building.

The atrium of Bridgewater Place hosts the 17.5 metre column sculpture called ‘Hello Friends’ by artists Bryan Davies and Laura Davies, which is possibly the tallest sculpture in Yorkshire. Created as a reinterpretation of Constantin Brâncuşi’s Endless Column from Târgu Jiu, Romania 50 years after the artist’s death, it houses illuminated photographs showing a science fiction narrative.

The building’s shape appears to be accelerating winds in its immediate vicinity to the extent that pedestrians have experienced severe difficulties walking past. These winds have led to some of the entrances to the building being closed for safety reasons.  To rectify these issues in the design may require the addition of ‘vertical fins’ to the facade of the building.

In 2008, Building Design, the architectural journal, shortlisted Bridgewater Place for its annual Carbuncle Cup, which is awarded to ‘buildings so ugly they freeze the heart’. The building has often been criticised for creating a dangerous wind tunnel and as of 10 March 2011 is involved in the investigation of a death caused by a falling lorry.

On 10 February 2012 the West Yorkshire Coroner Melanie Williamson halted her inquest into the 10 March 2011 incident saying: “I’m concerned having heard all the evidence there may be an offence of Corporate Manslaughter by one or more of the organisations.”

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