Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong (Zemanta links limit)

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This is not strictly a weekly photo challenge more of a gripe, but please read on as I think it’s important to us all. The subject this week is WRONG and I thought it was an ideal time to highlight this problem which has just started occurring. I’ve always been a firm believer in using the related links on my blog and generally I rely on Zemanta to point me to those links. If you’re not using Zemanta, why not? It comes free with your blog and I really recommend its use. What does it do? In a nutshell Zemanta will suggest photographs, links and keywords for you to include while you are writing your blog post. I never use the photographs, on my blog they’re all my own, but I do use Zemanta to find blog posts that are entitled Weekly Photo Challenge. These are what I insert as related links.

Sometimes I can reach up to about 40 related links which previously Zemanta has faithfully supplied. Once I insert them into my article a pingback is initiated to your blog should you happen to be on the list. That was until last week. Suddenly I find that I can only insert a maximum of 10 links. Either WordPress or Zemanta has imposed an arbitrary limit, without notification.

I’ve looked on the WordPress Support pages, currently they are still advising that you can use as many related articles as you like so either there is a fault or they need to update the advice. Talking of WordPress Support, have you ever tried to contact them? I have found no matter how you answer those 3 questions you will always end up in the forums. Now the forums are good, there are some very knowledgeable people on there, but no one seems to be able to provide an answer to this problem, if that’s what it is. Here’s what it looks like when you try to insert that additional link.

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That’s not very clear but to the right you can see that Zemanta has successfully displayed what the elated link is about. But, that grey box just to the side of it says you’ve reached your maximum of 10 inserts. I really do find this very frustrating.

If you are a Zemanta user are you finding the same problem? Or is everything ok with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong (Zemanta links limit)

  1. I use Zemanta selectively, and always take a look at the content, as some are not appropriate for my blog post, but many are. I usually put only a few, as I think most folks will click a link if there isn’t an overwhelming list.
    I, too, don’t usually use the suggested photos, unless it’s something I can’t supply and will help my reader understand better, such as geographical location.
    Good post.


  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever used more than ten related links before. I tested it and did get the same error message you did. I’m guessing it’s a Zemanta issue, not a WordPress limit since I recently deactivated the WordPress version to use the Chrome extension.

    Please let us know if you find out more.


  3. I had response from Zemanta this morning, this is what they had to say;

    “We (Zemanta) decided to implement a limit after we did an analysis of how people use our service. We noticed that quality bloggers producing original content will not insert more than a few articles (those that make sense). Bloggers that used more than 10 were almost always spammers, copying content from other bloggers.

    It’s an experiment, we’ll see what happens after some further analysis”.

    Give them their due, they did go on to ask me how the change affected me. Now I’m all for improvements but a bit of notice might have been considered by Zemanta. I spent several hours, searching forums, self-help groups, WordPress support etc trying to resolve a problem I never really had.


    1. Thanks for letting us know what they said. I agree, I hate when any site makes changes like this without any notice or explanation. Your use of the links is a little different than most bloggers, but you are providing extra information to your readers by including the list of links.


  4. Thanks for the update, Mike. Wanting to limit spammers makes sense (not implying you are one). I use Zemata but I don’t know how to do the search thing you’re talking about; re: how to get the program to search for blogs with “weekly photo challenge” for example.


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