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There is a lot to be said about shopping local and supporting your local camera shop. Today I had a problem in that I fitted an older Macro Lens to my new Pentax K-30. It wouldn’t come off afterwards and I thought I had ruined the camera or would have to send it back for repair. Before doing that I called into my local camera shop, Cambrian Photography, where I had bought the camera. They were able to get the lens off for me without damaging my camera. Apparently one of the pins had failed to retract when I tried to release the lens. They freed it by inserting some film between the lens and the camera mount, which released the pin.


7 thoughts on “Shop Local

  1. Why do you think I bought my Canon from Jessops? You get to know the shop manager, he gets to know you……Sorted (and locally)


  2. You can find all that you want on the internet, search through webshops etc, but you get the best advice in a (local) shop. I totally agree with you Mike.


  3. I’m a BIG FAN of my local camera shop where I purchase all my equipment too, Mike. Had a similar experience – dropped my camera shattering the protective UV filter. There were so many shards of glass next to the lens I was afraid to even try taking the filter off. Two of the guys at my local shop teamed up and got every shard out and removed the damaged filter on my Pentax without damaging the lens.


    1. The good thing about shopping local is they handle cameras every day and are enthusiastic about photography. They’re willing to help, unlike on-line where they don’t have the facilities or the experience to help


  4. Mike, I feel so spoiled here in NYC where there are so many wonderful camera shops, repair shops, developers . . . you would love it! So happy to hear that you were able to sort out your problem locally!


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