Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge


Interesting challenge this week considering that only last week I was talking about Digital Art. I’m going to walk you through some of the steps I took in creating a Vintage Travellers Diary, which involves using Photoshop Brushes and merging in many photographs to create the final image.

diary final

Each of the elements that you see here are merged into the base background. It would take me far too long to show you all of the steps but I’d like to try and give you an idea of how an image like this is created. Lets start with the background.


The background is made from a textured photograph; the maps are Photoshop brushes applied over the top.

Next I will add the notebook and the three photographs, which themselves are merged items, a photograph of a polaroid frame and 3 of my photographs


That notebook looks blank at the moment so the next step is to fill it in.

pictures and text

I’ve added some additional photographs, putting some underneath the left hand pages and some on top with a paperclip. On the right page, it’s a Photoshop brush again and then some text over the top.

Finally, to complete the Vintage Travellers Diary I added the torn card, the coffee cup and the compass as you see in the first image at the top of the page.

If you want to have a go yourself at creating The Vintage Travellers Diary then follow this link to the original tutorial (not mine unfortunately).


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  1. Spectacular, Mike. Thanks for doing this. I have a shelf of (boring) photo journals and my next will be created this way! Exciting … need to take another long roadtrip!


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