Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far



Near and Far

How appropriate that this weeks challenge is “Near and Far”. At the moment I am sitting by the riverside writing this article off-line using Windows Live Writer. It’s a beautiful sunny day, quite hot, there are dragonflies and honey bees flying near me. I feel near to nature, and yet, it’s not peaceful. On the far side of the river they’re busy gathering in the harvest and with today’s modern farming you have great big combine harvesters moving up and down the fields. They’re noisy, dusty and the smell of diesel fumes are heavy on the air. I wish they were far, far away and not so near.

Anyway to today’s photograph. I woke up this morning to a heavy, low-lying mist, not unusual when you are camping near a river, but I must admit entirely unexpected. Last night there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and due to the relatively low light pollution there were so many stars in the “heavens”. It’s almost impossible to comprehend how long, with today’s technology, we would have to travel to reach our nearest star. Anyway I digress, back to the picture. As it was really misty, I decided to take a walk along the riverside and see if I could capture something really atmospheric. I took lots of photographs then thought about one for “Near and Far”. Mist and more so fog can easily distort our perception of distance but the way marker is near enough that you can read the notice on it. The tree in the distance is far enough way to look as though I have used a diffused focus lens but in reality it’s the effect of the morning mist.

Normally I only show one photograph for the weekly photo challenge but this week is a bit of an exception. I’d like to leave you with a few more from my walk along the riverside. I hope you like them?

These three trees only started to emerge from the mist as I got nearer to them. Not quite by the riverside but I was standing right on the river bank to take this.Three Trees

I’ve been talking about the riverside and thought maybe I should show you a photograph. This is the River Wye in Herefordshire. It’s one of those rivers that wind backwards and forwards in parts and is used for recreational purposes like canoeing and fishing.

The Riverside

That’s all from me. I’m going to take a walk along the river now and see if I can pick up a wi-fi signal from the local pub. Hopefully I will which means I will be able to post this article today instead of waiting until I get home on Monday evening.


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