Small White

Small White

Bit of a change from me, I’m not usually into close-up photography but this butterfly was too good too miss. I’d just finished using the sigma 150-500mm lens to photograph some buzzards when I spotted a bush with all sorts of butterflies on it. Although the sigma lens is not a macro lens it does let you get some good close-up photographs. Best of all you can “stand off” from your subject and not disturb them.

Pictured here is the Small White Butterfly, if not, it’s a Large White

The Small White (Pieris rapae) is a small to medium-sized butterfly species of the Yellows-and-Whites family Pieridae. It is also known as the Small Cabbage White and in New Zealand, simply as White Butterfly. The names “Cabbage Butterfly” and “Cabbage White” can also refer to the Large White.

It is widespread and populations are found across Europe, North Africa, Asia, and Great Britain. It has also been accidentally introduced to North America, Australia and New Zealand where it causes damage to cultivated cabbages and other mustard family crops. The caterpillar stage alone is responsible for crop damage because of which it is referred to as the Imported Cabbageworm.

4 thoughts on “Small White

  1. Now that is different for you Mike. Told you you could put your lens to anything !!! Lol Cheers Mike off to Spain Thursday, have a great Slimbridge Meet.


  2. Now why can’t all photographers focus their lens on uplifting subject matter…such as this. Instead of training their “peeping tom” eyes…

    …where they don’t belong??? BTW… this is lovely…butterflies are a favorite of mine. 🙂


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