Red Sky At Night


Red Sky At Night

It’s been a busy week, what with the upgrades to Windows 8, and the subsequent problems I had. Finally put the computer back on Windows 7 but it takes a while to get all the updates done not only to Windows, but my applications as well. But all is a haven of serenity and calmness now.

This oak tree looked really good silhouetted against the red sky and the setting sun. It was too good an opportunity to miss. More or less straight out of the camera with just a little cropping to the edges.

A real treat for me this weekend, I’m off to Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust; it’s a photographers paradise if you are interested in bird photography. I’m sort of, although I still prefer to photograph landscapes and HDR. But, I’m meeting up with some fellow photographers so it should be a great day out.

The real treat for me is Monday morning. I’ve arranged access to Gloucester Cathedral at 07:30 for an hour when, hopefully, no one will be about. This should allow me to photograph the Cloisters without having the inconvenience of people cutting across my photographs. As everything I plan to do in the Cathedral will be HDR this really is a great advantage.

At 8:30 I have to stop, whilst church services are on, but then I’m free to continue photographing.


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  1. Wonderful shot Mike. Just a pity that I can’t make Slimbridge this coming weekend. Have a great meet and I’ll have a look at the blogs when we get back. Manchester here we come.


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