Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


Tiger Tiger

In 1794 William Blake published a collection of poems called “Songs of Experience”. Probably the best known of these poems is “The Tyger”

Tyger tyger burning bright, In the jungles of the night.

Blake’s spelling is not correct nowadays but it was a common spelling of the word at the time even although it was already “slightly archaic”.

Which brings me to this weeks photo and the theme. Adult tigers lead solitary lives and congregate only on an ad hoc and transitory basis when special conditions permit, such as plentiful supply of food. They establish and maintain home ranges. Resident adults of either sex tend to confine their movements to a definite area of habitat, within which they satisfy their needs, and in the case of tigresses, those of their growing cubs. Those sharing the same ground are well aware of each other’s movements and activities.

Now I’ll let you into a little secret. This is a composite photograph made up from a stock photograph of a tiger and some rain forest leaves that I shot.

What do you think? Have I managed to blend the tiger in properly?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  1. Good interpretation of solitary. i like story picture.
    Thank you for visiting my post and included my picture as related article. I look forward to seeing your next photo challenge.


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