Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine


This is a first for me. I’m using Picasa Web Albums to store my blog photographs. Previously I’ve always used Flickr and my ISP gave me a free Pro Account for as long as I stayed with them. But that contract has now expired and I’ve found a better alternative. Unfortunately, no Pro access to Flickr. Yes, I could use the WordPress option to host my images but eventually that’s going to run out of space. Why move from Flickr? The main reason is the 200 file access limit and the resizing of the images because I’m on a free account. Picasa doesn’t restrict the size and because I’m a Google+ user I get unlimited space. Well I hope that’s the way it works….

I use Windows Live Writer to write my blog off-line. It’s great with WordPress, and, if you’re a PC user I recommend  having a look at it. I can prepare my blog, embed the photographs directly from Flickr or Picasa, add tags and set categories. there’s a Zemanta plugin which allows me to add related articles without the dreaded 10 article limit that you get if you use Zemanta on WordPress.

Pictured above is Amantra Prince Rupert, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he’s mine. He even shares the same birthday with me and this year he’ll be nine. Of course Amantra Prince Rupert is a bit of a mouthful to say ever time so we call him “Deefer”.

I’ll leave you to work it out why we used that name, but if you can’t get it, leave a comment and I’ll explain.


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