Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Interesting choice for this weeks theme. To show photographs that make you Happy and combine them with the new gallery feature from WordPress. I’ve never used the gallery, for two reasons;

  1. It was unwieldy and I didn’t particularly like the block layout
  2. I use Windows Live Writer and host my images on Flickr rather than WordPress. So far I’ve never been able to find a way to create a gallery on WLW that would let me bring my images into writer.

So against my better judgement I’m preparing this post on-line to enable me to give this weeks challenge a go.

I had no hesitation in choosing photographs that make me happy. In some photographs the subject of the photograph is happy, in others it’s just the subject. Maybe it’s because I achieved something for the first time, like the Kingfisher photograph, or, in the case of Deefer, my dog, it’s just his friendliness and “grumpy old man” faces he pulls.

As you hover over each photograph you will see a caption pop up, or if you want to view the photographs full size just click on one of them and you will be taken to a slide show. Normally I explain what my photographs are about and this week is no exception even although there are several more than normal.

  • Cooling Off In Style – was taken in the heat of summer. In the park is a shower which activates every so often, if you stand under it you get absolutely soaked
  • My Best Friend – need I say more. He’s a great little dog, getting old now and can be a grumpy old man at times
  • Smile, You’re On Camera – I know he isn’t smiling, but he wasn’t supposed to be. Just makes me laugh when I think how series he looks in that clowns outfit
  • So Happy – When James and Clare and got married it was such a great day. They both look really happy here.
  • My First Ever – As you will know most of my photography is about landscapes and the shoreline. Occasionally I turn my hand to photographing birds with mixed results, but this was my first attempt at capturing a Kingfisher, and I’m so pleased. I managed it on my first attempt
  • Fantastic Jazz Musicians – I spotted these guys on a trip to Cape Town, South Africa. I could have spent all day listening to them but unfortunately that trip was for business, so I couldn’t hang around. Still I went into the meeting with a smile of my face
  • Getting Filthy – Just made me smile this one, kids getting dirty whilst playing on the beach. We’ve lost a lot of that in our modern antiseptic world.
  • Beach Party In Cape Town – Did I say I was on a business trip earlier, well there was some time off to meet with friends and have a party on the beach

Well that’s it for this weeks challenge. I like the new gallery feature but I just can’t see me using it too much mainly because of the WLW restrictions, Still it’s handy to know it’s available and it certainly is an improvement on the old gallery.

Now I remember another reason why I prefer to use WLW to write my posts. The Zemanta plugin hosted by WordPress only allows 10 related articles. Whereas if I use Zemanta in WLW i can have as many as I like. Sorry folks if I didn’t include your blog in Related articles, but I just chose the first ten that Zemanta suggested.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. Hello Mike. For some reason, I cannot see the photos!!! Might be my end, not sure. Cheers.


  2. Edit. All I see is small narrow vertical lines, if I click on of those, I see the full shot. Love the Kingfisher. I may have one similar!!! Lol


    1. Thanks Patti. I wanted to get a varied selection, but all are personal to me. Not sure if I’ll use the gallery much but I know it’s always there if I need it.


  3. Thanks for giving it a shot, Mike. I like the combination you used, especially the dog and the bird together. Nice comment on natural life. I haven’t tried the gallery yet and feel I need more time than I have at the moment to play with it. But here’s the big news, I’ve had a book of poetry accepted for publication. So ya know, some things you can get to and some you can’t! Cheers.

    PS: I really liked the shots of Glouchster cathedral, too.


    1. Funnily enough the gallery rotates every time you view it, Congratulations on getting your poetry published, I hope that goes well for you.

      I was really lucky to be allowed into the Cathedral early. When I was in the cloisters it was so silent and solemn, perfect for photography.


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