Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I couldn’t think of anything better than my favourite lighthouse at Point of Ayr to show as a silhouette. Due to it’s proximity to my house I have photographed this lighthouse in different weather conditions and at various times of the day. I’m not alone, there are other photographers who live nearby that seem to be fascinated by this abandoned wreck of a building. Have a look at the work of Adrian Evans, he’s got several of this photogenic little lighthouse in his Flickr photostream.

This photograph was taken one evening as the sun was setting. I could see that the building cloud formation was going to make for an interesting photograph, so a quick trip to the beach was organised. Gear in the car, park on the beach, 10 minutes.

Talacre Lighthouse - Silhouette

Point of Ayr also gives its name to a lighthouse, built about 1776, though inactive since 1883. It stands on Talacre beach, at the entrance to the River Dee estuary. The lighthouse once displayed two lights. The main beam, at 63 feet, shone seaward towards Llandudno. A secondary beam shone up the River Dee, towards the hamlet of Dawpool, in Cheshire, on the English side of the estuary. Whilst in service, the lighthouse was painted with red and white stripes, and had a red lantern housing. It was replaced in 1844 with a metal pile lighthouse, bearing a white light, put up by order of the Corporation of Trinity House. This new structure was itself replaced in 1883 with a lightship.

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46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

    1. That’s the great thing about living right near it Patti. I can look at the skies from my house, see what it’s like over the sea. If it looks interesting I can be there really quickly. Good thing is, now the autumn is here, there are very few tourists, so you really don’t need to worry too much about someone walking in front of the camera. not only that I like the loneliness and desolation that you get on the Estuary. You can hear the thousands of sea-birds, but no traffic noise….


    1. I might have another one soon. been thinking about taking a trip to Penmon Lighthouse on Anglesey. Now that really is photogenic…and it’s about 45 minutes away


  1. Lovely silhouette and lovely sunset. You know, you could enter this shot into Photo Friday’s challenge too. This week it’s vibrant and that sunset looks pretty vibrant to me. I mostly combine the challenges because it’s more…um…challenging. 🙂


      1. Welcome 🙂 As a photographer I sometimes find these challenges a little simple and so combining them makes it more fun for me. Also, the community of like-minded people is nice. Hope you have fun too.


      1. i’m sorry, i meant no offense. I’m not myself right now so bla bla bla… I really dunno what I was thinking there. Anyway lovely pic, NO DOUBT


  2. Very nice, and what a delightful coincidence that I have also just posted a lighthouse silhouette image. Photographers seem to be drawn to lighthouses.


  3. that is a stunning image Mike – no wonder this building fascinates you – it would me with all its differing moods witht he change of weather and lighting


    1. Jo, no matter how often I visit I see a different photograph every time. Sure the basic shape never changes but the light, the sky an the sea make it so changeable


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