Hurricane Sandy

It’s 16:45 in the afternoon and I’m sitting in the study writing this article. Outside it’s almost dark and the rain is drumming against the windows. In reality it’s pretty mild compared to the battering the east coast of the USA is getting from Hurricane Sandy, so my thoughts go out to you if you are from that region. I know there’s always a temptation to go out and get a great weather photograph, but is it really worth risking your life for it, especially if you are near the sea. Living near the coast as I do I have seen people nearly caught out as they try to get that great photograph. Waves can be unpredictable and the next one over the sea-wall or washing up on the beach can be the freak one that’s much larger than the others so far….and you might not notice it as you are too busy concentrating on your camera.

So stay safe and don’t take any chances.

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. Very sensible words Mike! Authorities here are paying particular attention to the risk imposed upon emergency services as a result of the public taking unnecessary chances.


    1. Some time back I watched one guy on the sea-front here trying to take photographs with a small camera. He walked down the slope towards the beach effectively putting himself lower and almost in front of the sea wall. Waves were crashing over the wall and filling the space behind him. One really strong one and he would have been in the water. Tried telling him but he just wasn’t listening, luckily he got away with a good soaking.


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