Design a Facebook Cover for HDR One

HDR One, the on-line interactive magazine devoted to HDR photography is running a competition to create a new Facebook cover for the HDR One Facebook page.

To make the competition interesting, there’s a free copy of HDR Darkroom 2 from Everimaging, to the cover chosen as the winner by the editor of HDR One, Jimmy McIntyre.

You know me. Free software…I’m willing to have a go and so I proudly present my design for the competition which I’ve tried to keep reasonably simple. The background image is an HDR of my favourite lighthouse at Talacre Beach. I’ve made the image quite soft and reduced the opacity by about 50%. The text colour is sampled from the image and for uniformity I have chosen the same colour for the top and bottom bars. Directly underneath the text I have left an area for the HDR One profile photograph/logo to fit.

HDR One Cover Design Final

If you are interested in HDR photograph and haven’t checked out HDR One, or if you just want to find out what HDR is all about, follow the link. Maybe you think you could design a good cover and fancy taking part in the competition. Alright here’s the link to the competition T&C’s.

Everimaging was founded in 2009 and is now a world leader in high dynamic range (HDR) digital imaging research. The company is focused on leveraging cutting-edge research to develop innovative and easy-to-use applications for digital photography.


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