The Boat

Just occasionally I like to have play in PhotoChop, working on a photograph, experimenting with various filters until I see something I like. Originally this photograph was a bit overexposed but I like this new version.


First thing I did was correct the exposure. Next I removed a chain the was connected to the front of the boat. Then I decided to go for a soft focus on everything except the boat. Finally I really hit those reeds with a real blast of saturation.


16 thoughts on “The Boat

    1. Hi Tina…I’m not really a fan of these blogger awards, mainly because I think they are a bit like a viral email. However, I do promise to check out the link. If I like what I see I will sign up for it….Mike


  1. If you are outside, sunlight is one of the best light sources for textures, especially close to sunrise and sunset, when the light rays hit objects at an angle. Bright sunny days are the best, whereas cloudy days can create a soft, diffused light that will eliminate or soften up the shadows, removing the sense of depth and dimensionality from your textures. For indoor texture photography, an off-camera light is pretty much a must, unless you have another light source that can light up the texture (such as a large window). By placing your light source at an angle on the side of the texture, you can imitate sunlight. You can also experiment with gels to add a color to your texture. Most of the time, a single light source is sufficient, but there might be situations when you want to add multiple shadows, in which case more external lights might be needed.


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