52/2013 Week 2

52/2013 Week 2

It’s a busy week this week but I managed to take advantage of almost clear blue skies and a two hour break in my calendar to visit my favourite lighthouse. At this time of the year the beach is usually deserted and yesterday was no exception. Apart from one couple walking their dogs I had the beach to myself for about an hour. The tide was out, way, way out and I could get easy access to the lighthouse on all sides. One problem though was long shadows. The sun was behind me, low in the sky and I was casting shadows on the sand for every photograph I took of the lighthouse with the sea in the background. In the end I moved into the dunes and found this tree branch lying in the sand. I could get that into the foreground and by lying down on the sand I could more or less avoid the shadows. With all the rain we’ve had recently, coupled with storms and high tides, the sand was really wet underneath but I have a simple solution to keep me dry whilst I’m lying down.

One of the things I carry in my camera bag is a small waterproof sheet approximately 6ft by 6ft (183cm x 183cm). You can pick them up really cheaply in DIY, Garden Centres etc. The sheet allows me to lie or kneel in wet areas and it can be rolled up really tightly for strapping to the side of my camera bag. I’ve also used it to wrap around myself when I got got on an exposed part of the beach during a heavy rain squall. Doesn’t keep you entirely dry but does keep a lot of the rain off.

And so to this weeks photograph. Taken with my trusty Pentax K-30 – ISO 100 – f11 – Aperture Priority – Tripod. It’s a bracket of 3 images (-2 to +2) processed with Machinery HDR Effects with post processing in Adobe PhotoShop Elements. Post consisted of mainly Dodge and Burn with some additional sharpening using the Unsharp Mask.


9 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 2

  1. Every aspect of this photo is stunning. The tree branch and the swath of grass to the right added a great deal to this beautiful old light house.A wonderful picure here. I am always pleased to see one of your posts. Very uplifting.


    1. Yvonne, once again, thanks for visiting. I’ve photographed this old lighthouse every which way. I’ve started looking in the dunes now to see if I can get different angles and views


      1. More pics of that same light house would be great with me. I think you do an incedible job of all the different ways that are clearly your creative thoughts behind the lens.

        Thanks for the reply.


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