It would be good if you could complete the poll to give a balanced view. Please follow the link to read more and vote – Mike

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  1. Hello Mike.
    Well you know my feelings on HDR. Those venturing into it for the first time, tended to overdo it. (As I think most trying a new “effect” do) Now these days, I like to see it used in a subtle way as the example you gave in the opening post. (Well done Raven Photography. You yourself Mike now use it (if I may say) in a much more sublte way. It looks good and pleasing to the eye. (That’s MY eye of course). I do like the way it’s going.



  2. There are rare times I want a blowout HDR image. Mostly I use a subtle touch of the technique to ‘lift’ the image out of the frame, same as I highlight my acrylic paintings with a nearly invisible touch of oil pastel to the same end. I voted, Mike, because you asked. “Liked’ HDR One’s FB page and am following Raven too. THANK YOU!


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