52/2013 Week 3

After decades of dominance the 1024 x 768 pixels resolution for computer screens is now in decline. Apparently, the most used screen resolution now is 1366 x 768 pixels, in main, thanks to a shift towards widescreen laptops as corporates changing their stocks of hardware.

52/2013 Week 3

So this weeks image for the 52/2013 is now in that new format of 1366 x 768. Let me know what you think of this new size.

This morning I could see the sky was starting to colour nicely. Last night was cold and frosty with clear skies and the Met office has been predicting snow for days now but here on the coast we rarely see it. But back to the photograph. I capture a lot of sunsets but rarely shoot sunrise. Firstly, I don’t like getting up early, secondly, sunrises tend to last minutes and then it’s all over. True, you can get absolutely beautiful photographs, the light for some reason tends to be different from sunset, in my opinion.

This morning the sunrise started as just a light tinge of pink in the clouds but within minutes it had turned this deep red. Then, as quickly as the sky had coloured up, it returned to normal and it was all over.


One thought on “52/2013 Week 3

  1. I like the older size version the best but, I’m just a computer dummy and a so-so photographer. However, the colors of the sky are almost blinding. Only nature can create such wonderful colors. And of course your photography skills make this scene a stand-out.


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