Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Despite dire warnings from the Met Office, our little part of North Wales did not experience the heavy fall of snow predicted. Instead we can be thankful to only experience a light dusting of the white stuff. In other countries when it snows it’s not a big talking point, but for some reason, here in the UK it is. Probably because the whole country grinds to a halt. Trains are cancelled, airports close, roads get blocked and people panic buy food.

For this weeks photograph I wanted to include snow but I wasn’t holding out much hope, despite what the Met Office were predicting. Prestatyn lies between great sandy beaches and a spectacular hillside which means we always have salty sea breezes  and a shield of hills and mountains. Snow is a rare occurrence here and in the end the roads weren’t blocked. So all those people who panicked and cleared the supermarkets out must be left with an awful lot of food.

Now I know that if I venture into Snowdonia the story is completely different, there, they did get all that was predicted and certain mountain roads and passes are closed.  I’d find snow there but four-wheel drive or not, I’m not stupid. So for this weeks challenge photograph I’m staying local. There’s still a bit of snow on the hills surrounding Prestatyn and that’s where I headed.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Beyond

Graig Fawr is one of the highest points around here and there was still some snow on the top, Parking in the small car-park, below the summit, I spotted this horse in a field. Beyond the horse is another hill covered in snow, nicely framed by the branches of the tree. There’s still very light snow falling, which gives the background a decidedly soft look, just what I needed to fulfil this weeks challenge.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

  1. Friends in Deganwy also missed it, not so those in the South. Still waiting to hear from Dolgellau. Our friends there are remote and high, internet isn’t reliable at the best of times. Lovely photo.


  2. Thanks for the comment about the photograph. I’m not sure I’d want to live in the remoter parts of Wales, beautiful country, but does have problems in winter. Hope your friends are OK. Depending on the weather I’ll be venturing into Snowdonia tomorrow but I’ll be sticking to main roads A5, Llanberis Pass, if it’s open. I know the Horse Shoe Pass is closed still.


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