Talk about keeping it in the family. My eldest son, living in Hong Kong, is also keen on photography but he gets to travel to far more exotic places than I do. Check his work out. It looks like I’ve got competition….

A week in the World.

So I have decided to get back in to my digital SLR photography after a hiatus of about 2 years just using a point and shoot camera.

The hiatus came about due to a belief that the SLR was too bulky to take on my travels following a trip to Mongolia and along the Trans-Siberian railway. I did the whole trip from Hong Kong to my parent’s house in north Wales about 3 years ago, taking about a month. The problem was that on the trip I was carrying stuff I needed for work, all the clothes for the journey and gifts to take home as well. Then on top of that I had the Camera. The camera added a lot of weight and was kind of annoying to carry around, yes I got a lot of good shots but the extra bag was a real problem.

So when I…

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