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Just before the dire predictions of heavy snow, which never appeared, at least, not here in our little part of North Wales, I paid a visit to my favourite lighthouse. It was a beautiful day, lovely and sunny, almost no wind and with reasonably high tide expected I was hoping to get some different photographs of the lighthouse

The beach car-park was closed because of the high tide so I had to carry my gear across the dunes.

The Dunes

Walking across the dunes can be a great photo opportunity in itself. There’s a lot of wildlife living there and if you’re quiet, you can sometimes catch the wildlife unawares. I always have my camera out, ready to shoot off some photographs if I have to go this way. Although the dunes are quite hilly, with some big clumps of that spiky grass, there’s a well worn path, that leads directly to the lighthouse.

Talacre Lighthouse

By the time I got down to the shore, the tide was getting very close to the edge of the dunes. However, it was on the turn and I expected it to be going out soon. That’s what I was waiting for. To photograph some of the objects washed up on the beach and keep the lighthouse in the background.


Walking along the beach I was attracted to this log straight away. The straw and seaweed helped to break-up the shape and by getting low I was able to include some of the detail on the beach as well.

Now, if you look to the far left of the image, about level with the lighthouse, you can just about see the next subject of interest to me. But I was going to have to wait until the tide went out a bit more.

Washed Up

It was worth the wait, though….and I’ve just spotted something I should have corrected before I posted this image. A wonky horizon. It’s sloping down from right to left

In previous photographs of the lighthouse that I have posted, like the one below, you can normally see the steps and the circular base with the sea hundreds of yards beyond the lighthouse.

52/2012 Week 10

With the tide in, you can’t access those steps, that is, unless you have a boat. Now here’s an interesting tale. The lighthouse has been up for sale for a good couple of years at an asking price of around £100,000. Rumour has it that someone has finally bought it and intends to turn it into a holiday home. I hope they appreciate that at certain times of the day they may well be cut off as the tide comes in and covers that all important access to the beach.

The Rocks

That’s it for this one. I’ve been looking at changing the blog theme, so next time you pop in to read something it may well have a brand new look.

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  1. Hi Mike. Angelsey too has not had the “promised” weather. It’s not been bad for a couple of days now and I took a moon shot tonight with the 400mm+2X converter. You’ve had chance to get out too I see. Those “driftwood” shots are superb. The others are too (of course!!! Lol). It’s nice to get out now.


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