52/2013 Week 4

As I spent this week trying to capture some photographs with snow in them I suppose I really should include a snow photograph. Well almost. The snow is evident but I really wanted to concentrate on the photographer whom I met whilst I was at Llyn Ogwen.

52/2013 Week 4

Despite the fact that it was cold and we were being buffeted by an icy wind he took time out to have a chat about photography. I never did catch his name but interestingly enough he lived in Rhudlan, which is about two miles from where I live. Maybe he was in search of the “white stuff” just like me.

Anyway it was good to talk with a fellow photographer and I hope he got home safely.

I am taking part in a Weekly Photo Challenge on Flickr which has nothing to do with the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. The main difference between the two challenges is that the Flickr one requires you to shoot a fresh image each week and is not themed. So you have control of what you photograph for that week.

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9 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 4

  1. That had to be a good day if you met a guy that shares “common ground.” Perahps he will become a new friend. Even with out your words, I can see that the weather is rugged just like the terrain.


    1. Hi Yvonne, in the winter it can be harsh but spring and summer time are lovely there. Yes, because of the mountains it can rain a lot but the Snowdonia National Park always attracts lots of visitors throughout the year. I never fail to find inspiration for photography when I venture into the park.

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