52/2013 Week 5

Typical, you wait a long time for a bus and then three number 7’s turn up at the same time…and it sort of like that this week on Mike Hardisty Photography. I’ve been quiet all week and now I’m posting another article only just having finished the Weekly Photo Challenge.

As you probably know by now, I take part in another Weekly Challenge, only this time on Flickr. The main difference between the WordPress and Flickr challenges is that the Flickr photograph has to be taken in the challenge week. Normally I use Wednesday to go out and get the Flickr photograph but I had other things on this week. Anyway to the challenge….

Abandoned Wreck

Whilst I was photographing the smallest house for the WordPress challenge, I took the opportunity to take a quick walk around the harbour at Conwy to see if there was anything interesting. I found this old abandoned boat and knew straight away that was my entry for Flickr. So in a manner of speaking I managed to kill two birds with one stone.

Talking of birds, before going to Conwy, I had spent the morning at The Spinnies Bird Reserve in search of the elusive Kingfisher. It didn’t put in an appearance yesterday but I did manage to get a good set of photographs from other visiting birds. So that will be my next post, possibly later today. Like I said earlier three come along at the same time….

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