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Today I was supposed to be in the Snowdonia National Park for some landscape photography. However, this morning started out really wet and with weather predictions for high winds and snow, being in the mountain area is not exactly the safest option. Instead I opted to catch up on some much need cataloguing  of my photographs and also take time to enter a photography contest sponsored by Miroslav Petrasko and HDRSoft, the developers of PhotoMatix

Basically Miroslav is providing the bracketed images and HDRSoft are providing the two prizes of copies of PhotoMatix Pro. The image below is my version in HDR from the set of photographs that Miroslav provided.

Photo Contest Sponsored By Miroslav Petrasky and HDRSoft

As many of you will know, I do process a lot of my photographs using HDR software. It’s a technique I particularly like and used conservatively it can really enhance a photograph.

If you fancy having a go at the competition then head on over to the competition page on Facebook, where the rules and the link to download the bracket set are made available.

The latest time to submit you entry is Sunday the 23rd February at midnight. The voting on the winners will be held during the week from 24th February to 2nd March.

If you are not a Facebook user you can still enter the contest by visiting Miroslav’s blog page at http://blog.hdrshooter.net/

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