World Pentax Day

Well actually World Pentax Weekend. Over the weekend of the 23/24 May Pentax camera users from around the world are encouraged to go out and have some fun doing what we all love best, Photography. We can then upload our favourite photos to the World PENTAX Day gallery, giving a snapshot of the entire world, painted through the “eyes” of PENTAX cameras.

As I live near  the beach I felt it was appropriate to capture some of the things that are washed up and also to include my favourite lighthouse.

Talacre Lighthouse

Regular readers will have seen this lighthouse before but I make no apologies for including it in this post. The idea behind World Pentax Day is to get a snapshot of the world we live in and photograph and the lighthouse is one of my favourite subjects.

Moving on to something different but staying on the beach theme. All too often we get lots of debris washed up on our beaches

On The Beach

It is dangerous for the birds who winter here and yet there is nothing we can really do to stop it.

Flotsam and Jetsom

Birds are attracted to to some of the debris, especially the smaller things, but tin cans and especially bottles can be dangerous, bottles more so when they shatter and spread glass over the beach.


We also get lots of trees on the beach. They get washed down from the mountainous regions behind our coast-line from the rivers along the North Wales coast which empty into the sea.


Eventually, they end up back on the beaches, before being washed out to sea again, but whilst they are on the beach, they do make a good subject for a photograph.

That’s my five photographs for World Pentax Day. If you are a Pentax user and haven’t entered, there’s still time to go out and photograph your little part of the world. For more information visit World Pentax Day Facebook page.


11 thoughts on “World Pentax Day

  1. I love lighthouses as well and photographing the world as I see it through the lens of my camera is what I love to do in my retirement years. Your photos of this beach give a wonderful look at life as it is.



    1. We have several lighthouses around my area of the coast, some accessible and easy to photograph and others not. I have promised myself this year that I will try and photograph them…


      1. I will be looking forward to seeing them. Last year I planned a tour to see the ones on the East Coast but it was cancelled due to lack of participation. Will try again this year.


    1. It got me out for the day, Cheryl. Only problem was it was a bitterly cold day with horrible grey skies, which is why I went to the beach…

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