Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details

Interesting choice for this weeks challenge. I’m on a tight schedule this week with Focus on Imaging on Tuesday and the opening of the long awaited in-town shopping centre on Thursday. I’m also still trying to process the 500 hundred or so photographs from last Thursdays trip to the National Slate Museum so for this weeks challenge I’ve had to get down and dirty….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In the Details

I decided to do a quick macro shot of one of my old lenses. I never use it now so it’s been sitting in a cupboard along with all my other redundant photography gear. I never throw anything away, you just never know when you might need it.

On went the macro lens to my camera, a quick focus and a couple of presses of the shutter, (always pays to take two, you might screw one up), job done…..

…and that’s where “Lost In The Detail” suddenly becomes “you should have air-brushed that lens before photographing it”

Just look at it, it’s covered in dust. Macro photography is very good for close-up work but it is very unforgiving because it brings out all of the detail.

Right I’m off to dig everything out of the cupboard and give it a good clean.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details

  1. HaHa – see, that’s how a day goes off in a totally other direction … so much for those 500 (!!) shots from Thursday … mind you, I head out for a walk and have taken over 100 shots before I’ve left the yard …


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