Last Thursday involved a photography day out at the National Slate Museum (more on that later), which is located at Llanberis in North Wales. Accompanied by another photographer Adrian Evans we were on location by 10am, ready to start photographing.

However, Llyn Padarn, the lake next to the museum was flat calm with some amazing reflections; it was just too good an opportunity to miss.


Llyn Padarn is a glacially formed lake in Snowdonia, North Wales; it’s an example of a moraine dammed lake. The lake is approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) long and at its deepest point is 94 feet (29 m) deep. At its south-eastern end it is linked to the neighbouring Llyn Peris (which forms the lower reservoir of the Dinorwig power station). The busy village of Llanberis lies on the southern banks of the lake and you can just see it in the background of this image and the one below.

Llyn Padarn

Padarn Country Park is located on the northern flank of the lake, including Coed Allt Wen, a rare and ancient sessile oak woodland. Both the woodland and Llyn Padarn are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Canoe On Llyn Padarn

The Llanberis Lake Railway also runs along its northern bank and various recreational activities take place on the lake, especially during the summer. These include canoeing, boating and fishing.

All in all Adrian and myself spent nearly two hours around the lake making the most of the fantastic light and cloud formations that kept forming; and of course talking about photography.


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    1. Hi Karen -at first we thought they would be a distraction, but they were quite good, even stopping paddling and sort of posing so we could take photographs.

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    1. I knew as soon as we reached the lake, Francine, that we would get some very good photographs. Good light, some nice cloud formations and lots go good subjects.

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