52/2013 Week 11

Funny old week so far. I’m still experimenting with the new lens, the weather has been very deceiving, looks sunny but is bitterly cold, and I’m sitting here wondering what to talk about it.

52/2013 Week 11

I don’t really know what this sculpture is called. There’s another one, not more than 50 metres away and that’s called “Dechrau a Diwedd”, that’s Welsh for “Beginning and End”. But this one has no title as far as I know, I usually just call it “Mirror, mirror”.

Supposedly it’s lit up at night but I’ve never seen it.

52/2013 is a challenge group on Flickr and as you can probably guess the idea is to take one photograph each week for submission to the group.


4 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 11

  1. I like it and wouldn’t have guessed it to be overexposed. It would be a treat to visit at night and see what it’s like when lit up. Two images day and night might present an interesting pairing.


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