About Being “Freshly Pressed”

After being “pressed” yesterday my mailbox very rapidly started to fill up and I did my best to keep up with all of your comments, likes and my new followers. Early to bed last night as I’m off to Llanberis and the National Slate Museum, which is an industrial museum complex, but great for photography, all dark and grimy.

Iron and Brass Foundry

I’ve been there before but it was a rushed visit so today it’s going to be an all day photo trip, there’s so much to see and photograph.

Thought, I’d check my email before setting off and there were 106 messages waiting for me this morning, which I’ve sort of dealt with, before setting off to Llanberis….nothing like an early start.

Of course being out all day means I won’t be able to approve new comments or follow up on any emails I receive whilst I’m out but I promise to get round to them all this evening

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who has commented, liked or is now following my blog.


27 thoughts on “About Being “Freshly Pressed”

    1. Ooops, you mean you had been to Llanberis before not FP’d before 😀 We went there some years ago on a damp week in North Wales but it was a good outing, really enjoyed it.


  1. Well done Mike 😀 But if you’ve been FP’d before you’ll know that the new ones will probably drop off pretty quickly. Not that I have, but I’m always fascinated to see that people have 100 or 200 comments one day and go right back down to half a dozen the next.


    1. I’m fully expecting that to happen. It’s nice while it lasts but it’s also an awful lot of work answering all of the comments. I’ve just got in to find another 125 emails on top of the ones I already had this morning


  2. Congratulations! 🙂
    After reading some of the drivel that becomes freshly pressed, it make a refreshing change to see someone who deserves to be.
    On a different note, I hope you realise you’ve re-ignited my desire to own a DSLR again 😉


  3. At last! Well done and congratulations – actually well done WP for recognising your great work! Enjoy your day out, we’ll still be here when you get back, looking fwd to hearing all about it and seeing more of your great shots!


    1. Hi Cheryl, I finally caught up yesterday, although I’m still getting residual comments. It’s hard work, but worth it, lots of traffic on my blog, though over the last three days…


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