52/2013 Week 12

I can’t believe we are at Week 12 already, time seems to be passing so fast. This photograph was taken yesterday (21 March) at about 16:15. We were on our way back from the National Slate Museum and decided to detour to Llyn Ogwen to see if there was any good landscapes worth photographing.

52/2013 Week 12

There was some snow on the higher hills but overnight I am sure that situation has changed because we had an amber snow warning in force yesterday. Last night about 22:00 it started snowing and it hasn’t stopped all day. At the lower levels, were we live it, quickly turned to sleet, but I know that many of the mountain passes are blocked. With more snow and high winds expected tonight, I predict this scenery will have drastically changed by tomorrow morning.

Despite the conditions, walkers and climbers will probably be out in force in the mountains. I, however, will not be venturing into the Snowdonia National Park for at least another few days. I’ll let the weather settle down before going out with my camera.


9 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 12

  1. Hi Mike, I understand you might have had a bit more over your way. None here on Anglesey!!! I know, we’ve been very lucky over here. Nice work Mike and really well done for your continuing input to this task of yours.


    1. Still snowing Steve, we are too close to the sea for it to really lie, but just inland is solid white. Horseshoe pass is closed as are many minor roads. Maybe when it stops I might go out and see if I can grab some photographs…


    1. Dorothy, thank you for considering me. Previously I have been nominated for these awards but had to decline for personal reason. I will have a look though.


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