52/2013 Week 16

52/2013 Week 16

Spring has finally sprung. Beautiful blue skies, a bright sunny and very warm day. I even had to slap some lotion on, I could feel myself burning. I’m fair skinned, burn easily in the sun so I always carry lotion in my camera back-pack, it’s something you learn to live with.

Anyway I digress. On Saturday I was in Bodnant Gardens with Adrian Evans. Checkout his work on FineArt America. We try to get out reasonably regularly, to take photographs, discuss photography and generally put the world to rights.

It’s still a bit early but once the gardens are in full bloom there’s a fantastic riot of colour. Today you’ll just have to settle for the daffodil fields, which carpet the upper meadow in the gardens.

What about you? Has spring reached you yet or are you heading into Autumn (Fall) if you are in the Southern Hemisphere?


3 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 16

  1. Wow, bright blue sky and all those gorgeous daffodils! Well deserved after this winter!

    Blossoms and bulbs busting out over here and now but still cool, which is lovely.


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