Paul’s Photography Challenge: Low Light

Paul's Photography Challenge: Low Light

I was think about a sunset for this challenge but in the end I settled for this image. Because the lighting was so low I had to use a tripod for this and a wide open aperture. There was a little bit of the background still showing but a tight crop and a dark vignette helped to disguise this.

I was hoping Zemanta would pick up the other bloggers taking part in the challenge but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be doing too good a job of this.

12 thoughts on “Paul’s Photography Challenge: Low Light

    1. My tripod goes everywhere with me Yvonne. I can attach it to my camera backpack when we are walking in the hills or getting to a photography location. It’s a good solid one and I wouldn’t be without it…


  1. Very nice indeed. What is Zemanta? The only way I am tracking the other challenge shooters is by pinback and regular visits to their sites via my Photo Challenge page links.


    1. If you have a blog you can enable zemanta from the dashboard. Zemanta checks for related articles and images. you can then choose what ones to add at the bottom of your post. I use it most often with the wordpress weekly challenge. All I do is tell zemanta to search for articles entitled “weekly photo challenge: up”.

      As I write my blog offline with windows live writer I also have a plugin for zemanta in wlw. Nearly all of my blog images are hosted on Flickr so I also have a plugin for wlw to bring the images in from Flickr correctly formatted size wise and if you click the image it will link back to the one on Flickr.


  2. Great job for the low key shot. You made it look like the lotus blossom is the source of light. Extraordinarily clever and beautiful.


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