Paul’s Photography Challenge: Deep Fog With A Hint Of Sunshine

I have to admit this one has beaten me. There has been no fog here, Nor was there any when I was in the Lake District. So I’m going to use a bit of a literal interpretation for this challenge from Paul.

Deep Fog With Hint Of Sunshine

Whilst i was in the Lake District I took a trip over Kirkstone Pass. Near the top there was some heavy cloud on the hills so that’s the nearest I have got to seeing fog. Well the sun was out so I suppose it sort of meets the challenge criteria. I wish!

To complete Challenge 1 I have to take “A Photo Which Makes You Smile” so I’m open to suggestions here. I have some ideas of my own but I would be interested to hear if you have any ideas.

8 thoughts on “Paul’s Photography Challenge: Deep Fog With A Hint Of Sunshine

  1. Hi Mike,

    This is a stunning view, the snow line leads the eye to the beautiful mountains and the superb sky, great shot. Enjoyed your company in Ambleside, good to put a face to the photographer!
    As for smiling, meercats do it for me 🙂


    1. It was cold, Yvonne. Further up the pass I came across a part of Japanese filming a commercial for a well known camera brand. The poor girl carrying the camera had light summer clothes on. Didn’t envy her one bit…


      1. Wow. Is it not odd how these people decide to film in the oddest places and extreme weather conditions.I have yet to fgure that out. Hope the girl didn’t gert pneumonia from the cold. But she was probably a hardy young woman.


        1. They had her wrapped in a big coat, then she filmed about 30 seconds, then on went the big coat again. Poor girl did it 5 times with different types of action…


  2. Looks like you did the best you could given the no fog situation. I would have gladly sent you some of our excess fog. We may have gotten your share this past month.
    Waiting for the smile. 😀


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