Paul’s Photography Challenge: Street

This is topic 4, from Paul’s Photography Challenge probably the one I am most uncomfortable with and I think it shows. The quality of the photographs are not great, I’ll admit that. probably because they were snatched rather than me actually taking time to frame them properly. Anyway here goes

All of the photographs were taken in Llangollen as I was walking back to my car. To get them I just held the camera and fired off a series of shots with the mirror up so as not to create noise and draw attention to myself. Of course photographing like this means a lot of straightening and cropping had to be done.

9 thoughts on “Paul’s Photography Challenge: Street

  1. Well done on braving it, Mike. I really like that first image of the girl with the cigarette in the rain (snow?)

    As for the framing issue – I think as the general idea is perhaps to shoot from the hip, that cropping in post-processing is what gets the best images. I know that I cropped some of mine down a long way, to isolate whatever it was that I found interesting in the frame.


    1. Hi Beth, that’s just what I did, walked along the street, shooting from the hip and then did some severe cropping to isolate the part of the image I wanted.


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