52/2013 Week 17

Another beautiful sunset last night over Rhyl and Prestatyn; it was just too good to be wasted.

52/2013 Week 17

The sun had almost set and I was just packing up to go home when this guy set up his rod on the beach. The tide was on the way in but these guys will slowly walk back up the beach just avoiding the tide washing over their feet.

Anyway I tried to get him to pose, would have made a good silhouette against the setting sun, but he was reluctant, so I settled for just his rod and bait.

The 52/2013 Challenge on Flickr has been going 17 weeks now and the time sure has flown by. It’s too late now to take part in the challenge but if you’d like to look at other great photographs follow this link to the Flickr Group Pool.

4 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 17

    1. Thank you Patti. Just recently my best seem to be afterthoughts just like this one. I wasn’t going to bother the angler and then thought why not


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