Paul’s Photography Challenge: Close up

Paul's Photo Challenge: Close Up

One of the problems of close up photography is getting a good depth of field throughout the image, i.e. being in focus from front to back. One way I have got round this problem is to Focus Stack several images and combine them in Photoshop.

For this image I took 3 photographs. In the first image the focus point was the left hand leaf. In the second photograph it was the rear one. In the third photograph it was the right hand leaf.

All 3 photographs were opened and aligned as layers in Photoshop. Next the 3 layers were blended together to give me the final result. You can still see some slight blurring at the edges. I could have cropped this image tighter but decided to leave it as is.

This has been challenge number 8 in Paul’s Photography Challenge


13 thoughts on “Paul’s Photography Challenge: Close up

  1. Great photoshopping in this one. I believe the real art comes with knowing where to stop or draw the line. This is a beautiful example of restraint.


  2. Mike, have you tried Helicon Focus for stacking. Its not cheap but far faster than Photoshop. It does not seem to Image Align as PS does but if you are using a rail on a stable tripod it should be fine.


    1. Hi Andrew – I haven’t tried it but I was only stacking three photographs so photoshop did a good enough job this time. To be honest it was just a trial, to see if it would work. If I really got into it I would do a lot more photographs and try helicon focus. However I will have a look at it as I’m always happy to try anything new..


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