Duke Of Lancaster

Regular readers will know that many of my photographs are HDR. But for the “Duke” there is no real advantage in using HDR, especially on a bright sunny day.

So what’s been happening. More artwork has been added, especially on the starboard side which is nearest the dock

Pentax K-30 1/180s, f11, ISO 100

The two biggest problems with photographing the artwork is the location of the sun which is directly behind the “Duke” for most of the day and trying to see over the razor wire and foliage attached to the fence. I’m tall so I can generally overcome these obstacles but someone shorter may have a problem.

Anyway, the plan is to transform the ship into the largest open air art gallery in the UK.

Pentax K-30 1/250s, f11, ISO100

As of August 2012, the Latvian graffiti artist “Kiwie” was commissioned to spray-paint a design on the ship. The ship is slowly being covered with graffiti described as “bright and surreal”.

Pentax K-30 1/125s, f11, ISO100

The first phase of the project saw Kiwie and other European graffiti artists paint murals on the ship between August and November 2012,

Pentax K-30 1/180s, f11, ISO100

One of the artworks is a picture of the ship’s first captain, John ‘Jack’ Irwin.

Pentax K-30 1/125s, f11, ISO100

The second phase (starting at the end of March 2013) included the work of British-based artists

Pentax K-30 1/90s, f11, ISO100

such as Snub23, TRIGA, Dan Kitchener and Dale Grimshaw.

Pentax K-30 1/250s, f11, ISO100

I am indebted to Wikipedia for the information about the project to paint the “Duke”. As to which artwork is by which artist and for more information you can visit the Dudug web site


11 thoughts on “Duke Of Lancaster

  1. It’s so nice to see ‘legitimate’ graffiti artists being paid for their talent. I hate vandalism of any sort, but there’s a lot of talent out their if they’d take themselves public!


    1. If you’ve never been before Adrian you can park in the textile market car park, I think it’s called Abakan or something similar. If you take the left hand side of the river path you’ll come to a set of gates. Look to the left and the coastal path takes you along the side of the dock. Right side of the river also give,ms you views of the ship. Check tide times and height because sometimes, the incoming tide overflows the river bank and floods both pathways


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