52/2013 Week 20

All day yesterday I spent in church, well not quite all day, but a good part. Many of the churches in this part of Wales are centuries old, have some great history attached to them, and in some cases have really fantastic stain glass windows. So with the weather predicted to be not so good and changeable it seemed like a good idea to spend some time inside for a change. For anyone wanting to visit North Wales, in the summer months most of the ancient churches are open. If they are not, there’s usually a note saying where you can pick the key up.

So to this weeks photograph. After all that time indoors we decided to cut back across the moors on a minor but more direct route home. This is “big sky” country and you can look across the moors to the mountains of Snowdonia. On a really desolated part of the road we found this abandoned cottage just waiting to be photographed against the background of the blue skies and white clouds. But for me the little splash of yellow from the late daffodils was what drew me in.


13 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 20

  1. Mike this type of photo is one that I would have personally loved to have stumbled upon. Beautiful beyond words. Does not need to be a fabulous church to make for an outstanding subject. What stories this little stone house could tell. Those daffodils are thriving and is the only sign of life. Wonderful. If you have posted this on Flickr I want to make it a favorite.


    1. Thank you Patti, we often see old buildings but they are way across the fields it moor. Not always sure we can get at them safely or without trespassing. This one was by the side of the road so it was easy to get.


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