Lone tree

High on the bleak Denbigh moors lies Llyn Aled, a deep, weed-free natural lake of about 110 acres.The lake is also the source of a river of the same name. At 1,250 feet above sea level it’s usually windy and cool here even when the nearby coastal resorts are sweltering in a heat wave. Almost completely treeless for miles around, the shoreline is mostly natural mountain grassland.

On the way home from St. John’s we detoured off to visit Llyn Aled. The lakes isn’t that photogenic but the beautiful open countryside, with a lone tree silhouetted against the sky is. Actually there was another tree just off camera, but two trees didn’t look as good as this single one.

9 thoughts on “Lone tree

  1. This is stunning Mike. I like how you created the composition so the sky looks expansive and the breadth of the grass land accentuates the tree. You seemed to capture the context of the tree very well. I feel like I know what it is like to be there.


    1. On the wide open moors there were just these two trees within a couple of metres of each other and nothing else as far as the horizon. I was lucky that the clouds were so good….


      1. And you knew what to look for and obviously how to frame the picture. Good work, Mike. I am enjoying your photos of the moors.


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