St John’s Ysbyty Ifan

Ysbyty Ifan is a small but historic village and community in Conwy County Borough, Wales. Nearly all the population speak Welsh.

Ysbyty Ifan, until 1189, was known as Dôl Gynwal. Then, it came to the attention of the Knights of St John, who set up a hospice.

The church marks the spot where the old hospice stood, and it contains many remnants that tell of the area’s rich history. Abraham Lincoln’s great, great-grandfather lived in Bryngwyn, a farm in Ysbyty Ifan.

The parish church contains memorial slabs to Rhys Fawr ap Maredudd (fl. 1485-1510), a local nobleman who served Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth Field, and his wife Lowri.


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