Weekly Photo Challenge: Behind

Ever since I stumbled upon the Weekly Photo Challenge I have managed to put in an entry every week. But last week I got behind due to being on vacation with limited internet access. When I say limited I mean limited. Snatching a quick download of my emails when I could find a bar or restaurant with free wi-fi.

So better late than never hear is my behind. Did I really mean to say that…..?

Hailes Church was consecrated in 1175 and contains magnificent 13th-century wall paintings of saints, coats of arms, and hunting scenes.

Although the church looks small from the outside, the interior is high and spacious. Behind (there’s that word again) the rood screen there are medieval floor tiles, and wall paintings. That the paintings are still there is remarkable. During the Reformation in England, decorative devices such as paintings were regarded as Popeish fripperies and were inevitably destroyed.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Behind

  1. Beautiful. You are finding such wonderful places to photograph. They jsut seem to become more interesting with each one so different. I really like the history that you include which adds to the appeal of your photography.


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