52/2013 Week 21

Part of the reason I have been away on vacation was to attend a wedding at Springhill House in the Vale of Evesham. It’s an ideal wedding location, with beautiful gardens and a large lake…“a great opportunity for some sunset shots over the lake in the evening”, I thought to myself. No one will miss me for an hour or so and I had even eyed up where I was going to stand to get that “great” photograph.

But ever the cautious photographer I grabbed a couple of photographs with my P&S during the day just in case. Look at those clouds, they would look great at night all lit up by the setting sun…..and the reflection on the lake. I couldn’t wait.

Fast forward to 8:30 in the evening. There I am down by the lake, not a cloud in sight, a clear blue sky and the sun is going down with a whimper. As it gracefully dropped towards the horizon there was the slightest tinge of red in the sky. Worse still a slight breeze had got up and the mirror-like lake from the afternoon was now a choppy mill-pond. No reflections here. Giving up I went back to the wedding and had some fun at the Ceilidh

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  1. Agree with Tina – this is superb – the reflections with the rippling water are enough to make an impressionist happy. And the boat ready to launch two across the water? It’s perfect.


    1. I did try to keep it soft, don’t know why, just thought it would look good that way. But I do wish the sunset had been better. It would have looked good over the lake


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