52/2013 Week 22

It is often said that local knowledge can help make a photograph that we otherwise would not see. So whilst in the Cotswolds I engaged the services of a life long resident of the area to show me around for the day. Our guide, in reality a member of our family, suggested visiting a Lavender Farm. Now I should know better than to believe that lavender would be out at this time of the year, but filled with enthusiasm from my guide, and relying on that local knowledge, we set off in pouring rain to find those stunning purple, white and blue fields.

So, there we are, just approaching the farm, and I can clearly see through the dense downpour that there is absolutely no colour at all in any of the fields…apart from green, that is.

At this point our intrepid guide is heard to remark “Is it the season for lavender, yet?”…….

……and that’s why you are getting a photograph of a church in the rain, instead of those stunning lavender fields


11 replies to “52/2013 Week 22

  1. But gee, the church photo is as good as looking at lavendar if not better. Now I’l admit to loving lavendar a bunch 🙂 but the churches and the other buildings are so exceptional. Besides, as I’ve commented before, I really like the history that you provide with your photo expeditions.


  2. Very nice photo without lavender, well composed – as a technical question I’m interested in what lens you used.


    1. Hi Andrew. The lens was the sigma 10-20mm, not the newer, faster one, but the f4.5 one. The newer one hasn’t been made with a Pentax mount.


    1. Don’t know if there are any lavender fields in north Wales, Ray. Might have to do a weekend away, Gloucester cathedral and those fields.


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