52/2013 Week 23


Went down to the beach last night to experiment with silhouettes. Normally I would be annoyed if I was trying to photograph the lighthouse and people got in the way. But in this instance I’m glad they did because they add that little bit extra to this photograph and give a sense of size to the lighthouse.

When I was leaving the beach at 10pm the people in this photograph were still with their cars in the car park, unaware that the barrier to the beach closes at 9pm.

I told them about the closure time and sure enough when I got to the barrier it was closed and locked. I don’t know what they would do to get it open, if they could.

I always park in the off-beach car park for this very reason.


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        1. Never thought of it that way….especially as I’m in the process of planning a Milky Way shoot on the deserted moors where there is almost no light pollution


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