52/2013 Week 24

52/2013 Week 24

I wouldn’t exactly say this is one of my best shots as required by the weekly challenge. In fact it was a desperation grab of an idea I had been playing around with.

During Week 24 I had been really busy with little or no time to get out and about for some photography. Just one of those things. So on the Saturday with the deadline for the week due to expire I did a quick still life. I didn’t even process this one, instead leaving it on the memory card until I came back from holiday.

It wasn’t the greatest of photographs but I didn’t have an alternative and somehow I had to make it a little more interesting.

It’s been a while since I’ve played around with texture layers in Photoshop which I used to use all the time when I was making dark and grungy composite images. Time to revive that ancient skill and see if I could do anything with the grapes.

In the old days i used to make a lot of my own textures but I’ve always been a fan of the great  textures and artwork that Jerry Jones, a.k.a “skeletalmess” or “ghostbones.” produces. So it was to Jerry’s site Shadowhouse Creations that I visited to find some textures that I could use for this one.

So there you have it. Not one of my greatest for the weekly challenge but thanks to Jerry I’ve managed to pull something out of the darkroom.

And the original image? Here it is, just to show the difference.



12 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 24

    1. Funnily enough Tina, that was the sort of look I was trying to get by using the textures, with Dodge and Burn in photoshop. Their mastery of lighting was amazing.


    1. Francine, photoshop and its smaller brother photoshop elements are really quite easy to use. More importantly there are plenty of tutorials online that you can follow if you ever want to have a go at photoshop


  1. Beautiful. It doesn’t matter the process that you used to achieve the beauty of this photograph. It’s an excellent picture that you created whether it be via a camera and a photograph or paint and a brush on canvas. It is “still” all yours. 🙂


    1. It’s easier to do in photoshop but sometimes when I want a paint effect I use a little program called Fotosketcher….it’s freeware, Sotheby’s price is just right


  2. I think it’s gorgeous! Inspires me to do 2 things – 1. learn how to use Photoshop properly and 2. get out my paint, brushes and a canvas and paint your bowl of grapes…such wonderful colours;
    Thank you 🙂


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