52/2013 Week 25

52/2013 Week 25

Unlike many people when I go on holiday I don’t take too many photographs. Holiday for me is to spend time with my wife and just relax. However, I do take my camera gear with me and sometimes I’ll take the odd photograph but it’s not the top priority.

One of the reason we were in Yorkshire was to look at some areas that were important in both my wife’s and my own family history. In the village of Long Preston we came upon the pretty parish church of St Mary the Virgin which is a grade 1 listed building dating back to Norman times. The beautiful stained glass was just too good an opportunity to miss.



10 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 25

    1. It’s good to get out into the fresh air. Very importantly, no emails, almost no phone service, we had to drive 2 miles to get a cell signal, and a very limited television signal as well. Perfect, I finished a book, started on a second and just relaxed.


  1. Great Britian is a gold mine of beauty. The churces and cathedrals that you have been posting for us to see are incredible. It has to be uplifting when you find these beauties to photograph. I made this one and the grapes a favorite. But I need to look for all the other churches and cathedrals that I am pretty sure you have on flickr as well.


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