52/2013 Week 26

Funny old week with a mixture of rain and sun. There have been some sunsets which looked promising then fizzled out to nothing. Take this one. The sun disappeared behind that big bank of cloud near the horizon and in the end the photograph was more about the cloud formation and the reflections.

This is an HDR image, but I have gone back to processing the images using the Merge to HDR plugin for Lightroom from HDRSoft. This is probably the easiest way of creating an HDR image for beginners but I like using the technique because it gives a very clean HDR image without noise.

For a very good tutorial on using the technique, follow this link to Essence in Photography and watch the video’s


15 thoughts on “52/2013 Week 26

  1. I love this. I know nothing about photography, but like that this looks real. Maybe if you`d had full sunset it might have been more of a cliché.


    1. Thank you for commenting. I wanted it to look real. Although the sunset is not fantastic, the clouds and reflection make up for it, so maybe I was lucky, this time.


  2. I really really, like this process. It is more in keeping with how I think a photograph should appear.It has all the detail and crispness. However don’t misunderstand. That is not to say that the churches and cathedrals, etc are not super beautiful because that type of HDR processing or editing, is to me an entirely different ballgame.


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