52/2013 Week 28

52/2013 Week 28

As children we’ve probably all played with soap bubbles but they are so delicate the slightest touch and they burst.

Last year I was given a packet of Magic Bubbles. They’re amazing, You create bubbles by dipping a wand into the solution, pull it out and blow gently into the wand. A stream of bubbles is formed but unlike normal soap bubbles these harden in the air. Once hardened you can catch a bubble, hold it, even join them together.

This macro photograph was taken using a Raynox DC-250 macro lens attachment fitted to the front of a normal Pentax 18-50mm lens.

The macro attachment has a very tight Depth of Field so with the bubble in focus, the flower is out.


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    1. Spur of a moment idea, Francine. I remembered I still had them and as it was a beautiful sunny day it seemed like a good idea to try them out.


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