There’s A Storm Brewing…

On our way back from the lakes I decided to take Elaine home via Nebo and the Denbigh Moors.  To get there we had to descend from the lakes into the Conwy valley via Llanwrst and then follow the B5113 over the moors.

There's A Storm Brewing

From this view-point (53.114966,-3.73988) we are at a height of 365 metres or 1198 feet looking across the Conwy Valley towards the Snowdon mountain range and a build up of storm clouds.

Now for those of you not familiar with the UK road system a “B” road is a numbered local route, which has lower traffic densities than the main trunk roads, or A roads. The classification has nothing to do with the width or quality of the physical road, and B roads can range from dual carriageways to single track roads with passing places. On the moors it’s nearly always the latter with road surfaces that can sometimes be the worse for wear.

I had no intention of being stuck on the moors if it did rain heavily. Beautiful scenery, but they’re isolated, desolate places at the best of times, so with a storm coming it’s time to get down off the moors.

Needless to say it never rained, as we got lower and near the coast the sun came out, and we ended up driving home in beautiful hot sunshine.


12 thoughts on “There’s A Storm Brewing…

  1. Wonderful landscape, Mike. I love the dry stone wall. And you seem to be the object of some curiosity by the local residents.


  2. Now- this is a picture which caused me to study this photograph for several minutes. For me there is nothing better thatn a bucolic scene such as this one. The stone wall added so much and the cattle are on alert. The colors and composition are perfect.


    1. Hi Yvonne, one of those lucky photographs. I saw the clouds building up and as we drive down the road the old ruined building came into view. The cows all turned round to watch me at the same time… good an opportunity to miss.


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