Young Herring Gull


At this time of the year the gulls who have been dive-bombing us in our gardens, whilst protecting their chicks,  move down to the shore. They’re not us aggressive now and you can get closer to take photographs.

An adult Herring Gull can weigh over a kilogram, have a wing span of almost five feet and possess a formidable bill. So when Herring Gulls protect their nests or young by swooping over an intruder it can be quite frightening. Generally, it’s a purely protective measure and very rarely does the bird make contact.

Traditional nest sites are on sea-cliffs, islands and other inaccessible locations. Unfortunately, Gulls have also adopted roofs for nesting, bringing them closer to us.

Whilst photographing the sunset last night I took the opportunity, without getting dive-bombed, to capture this young herring gull standing on rocks.


11 thoughts on “Young Herring Gull

  1. Nice one Mike. I think there are far too many seagulls and we should seriously thinking about checking nests next year and removing eggs as soon as they are laid….


  2. the gull may be a dive bomber but “da bomb” in this photo is how you caught the sunset reflecting off the seaweed! It grabbed my focus immediately….and then I noticed the bird!


    1. The tide had just gone out so the seaweed was still wet. With the sun so low and a beautiful golden orange last night it did guarantee for some great colours.


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